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January 17, 2013 by barnsey

I’m starting a blog for several reasons, partly because I like the idea of having something to look back at in years to come and partly as I have a few projects I have in store.

The first of the projects is to create a video game. Just a simple platform ear to begin with, since I have no experience in this area at all. I do have a vague storyline. And by vague I mean very vague. So this is something I want to document as I delve into new territory.

Another one of the projects is art. I have been drawing all my life but want to experiment and advertise my art. I do have a strange style I have been sketching in, almost a futurism/cubist style but I want to see how the style works, as well as trying new things. I recently tried pixel art, which is harder than it seems. But I like the almost cartoony isometric pixel art and its, little bit makes a big difference, attitude.

Yet another project is to try to great youtube lets play videos. I’ve been watching videos on youtube of people playing Minecraft and all sorts of other pc games and they all seem to enjoy themselves. So, I want to try it. I do have a brother and friend who both want to try the youtube waters too. And so I hope to begin my youtube career. But, I’ll have to what happens with project before I commit.

This project is what will possibly ruin the others. I’m still at college and I want to get good grades. So I need to work hard to get what I want. And that means finding time to work, when I want to do other things, likely make a game or draw a picture.

So this is why I’ve made this blog. I have ideas and need to get on with them and without this blog I don’t think I’d bother.

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